“Seriously, this is wonderful. I can't tell you how glad I am that the world finally has a high-quality sight reading website!!”
Reena Esmail, Composer
Yale School of Music

“These exercises are exceptional.”
Ernesto Gonzales, Pianist

“Just fantastic for someone who needs to improve their sight reading.”
Judy Fong, Pianist


Exercises composed with tender
loving care

All exercises written by experienced musicians with musicality and the learner in mind. Learn more...


Personalized to your instrument and
skill level

Learn about the instruments and grade levels that SightReadingMastery supports.


High-quality audio playback

Every exercise comes with high-quality audio playback, so you can listen to how it's supposed to go and check yourself. Learn more...


Track your progress over time

A detailed sight reading log is recorded for you automatically, so you can easily revisit past exercises and see how you're progressing. Learn more...

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